Saturday, 28 November 2009

Everybody would know that New Moon is out in Malaysia, and Twilight fever is at its highest right now.

In today's Star Weekender, Hari Azizan wrote a review for the latest Twilight movie, and I have to say that his review is really amusing.

When comparing Jacob and Edward, he has this to say:

Unlike the virtuously tortured Edward, frisky Jacob is constantly trying to steal kisses from her. Unlike Edward, the sight of her blood only makes Jacob whip off his shirt like a seasoned Chippendale, not go into a constipated spasm.

But the funniest part about the review is this:

At this point, it doesn't matter what anyone writes about New Moon and the Twilight saga. Twihards had made up their minds to see the movies long before Robert Pattinson single-handedly boosted the hair product industry and sent their hearts a flutter. What I don't understand is how someone like Bella can inspire such devotion. She is insipid and spineless; her whole existence is defined by her love for Edward.

Sophisticated viewers may moan about the lack of horror in the franchise, but to me the Twilight saga is the scariest of all vampire franchises, with Bella the real monster threatening to destroy all our young girls with misguided and perverse masochistic idea of love.

Okay, maybe it wasn't that funny. But I thought that it was a refreshing view on Twilight (you'll have to read the whole review to see more of his insight) apart from the "Awesome! Splendid!" and the "Boring! Lame!" that keeps circulating around.

And I do agree with what he said about Bella; she is spineless. Just look how she turns from one guy to another. I mean, one 'monster' to another. And yesterday I saw an FML that goes something like this:

Today I realized that our generation will be remembered as the generation who went crazy over sparkly vampires. FML.

It's not 100% accurate as I'm only writing what I remembered as I'm too lazy to search for it, but you get what the person's saying.
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