Saturday, 21 November 2009

Yup, you read correctly. Today my results for the final semester was published in the portal.

I actually didn't expect it to be out today, although according to the calendar it would, because just a few days back I received an email from a lecturer posting our tentative assignment marks. I was thinking, considering our assignment marks hasn't been approved by some authority, then the exam results shouldn't be either. But, obviously I was wrong.

All American Rejects concert. 

I played badminton today, and I realized I actually improved a little compared to Wednesday! I can actually reach for more shots, especially dropshots, and my legs aren't sore (they were sore yesterday and today- imagine that!). But this tells me one thing: I need to exercise. I have not played badminton in weeks, and this week I've played twice. Maybe I should start jogging or running or something, just to maintain my stamina. Even now I'm feeling tired.

But as we were heading home from badminton, I checked my phone to see that I had received a text from a friend with 3 simple words: results are out. And I got really nervous. But it turned out okay. I didn't have to be nervous after all. In fact, I'm actually very happy with my results.

I also read on Galaxie's blog that Will Ferrell is this year's most overpaid Hollywood star. And if Land of the Lost is one of his better movies I agree. I remember nearly falling asleep while watching it in a friend's house and in the end we stopped it and went to bed. Sometimes he is just not funny at all even though he tries to be.

My mum also told me something interesting one day. She said that she read that in a study conducted, it was found that people with longer ring fingers are better at maths and science subjects, and whereas people with longer ring fingers are better at arts, humanities, social sciences, etc. It sounded really interesting to me, but I can't tell for sure whether it's true or not, although I have longer index fingers and am studying communication. 

Here's something I suddenly thought of that's unrelated to everything I've written so far. I know that Heath Ledger is dead and his last role as the Joker was really good and he received a prestigious award (Oscar, if I remember correctly). I also know that The Dark Knight is a movie that almost everyone will say is good. Yet the awful truth that will shock people is:

I have not watched it yet. 
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