Thursday, 19 November 2009

A member of our gang, Yixian, turned 18 on November 16.

So when we remembered that it was only a week away, we hurried into preparations for yet another surprise.

Peng Han asked his college mates when they're celebrating for him, and when we found out it was on his actual birthday, what did we do? We made adjustments to celebrate it on Tuesday, a day later, instead. How generous of us. But anyway most of us are only free on Tuesday.

Our plan? Prepare items for a BBQ, go to his house when he's out, hide in his room and when he returns, "SURPRISE!". His mum was also so kind, allowing us to have the BBQ and even providing drinks and spaghetti.

Birthday boy with the birthday cake. 

Wrinkled sausages
But due to unforeseen circumstances, we made do with surprising him while he's in his room using the computer, doing who knows what. But we made too much noise and he heard us. The good news is that he didn't know we were celebrating with him (I think!).

Birthday boy, posing this time.
So it was back to the good old times when we just fooled around making fun of ourselves and laughing at each others' antics, which included dancing, an imitation of peeing and teasing each other with friendly insults. I think we all just basked in each others' company because we only go crazy when we're together. Really, we do! Normally most of us are more reserved, but that changes when we see each other. Add a meal, some drinks and privacy, and the roof is blown away. 

There was even a moment when a couple of us danced to the infamous chicken dance of our school, made popular by some senior prefects. Other priceless moments will only stay in our heads.

 Group picture! Yi Xian, Peng Han, Shaung, Yong Bin, Steven, Arif, Iman, Yi Lin, Yuet Yin, Jia Wei and myself.

At the end with all of us stuffed with food, we had to take a walk around the neighbourhood, waving at cars passing by (one even stopped, good thing it wasn't a bunch of gangsters!), looking at the homes of some of our high school teachers.

And then we packed up and called it a night.
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