Monday, 16 November 2009

Back in high school, I remember how many teachers encouraged their students to participate in all sorts of things and get a certificate. Especially in Form 5, many students join different clubs and societies in order to get enough points to get an A for co-curricular activities.

But now that I look back, what was the point of all those things?

I had joined a multimedia class in the school holidays one year, and we were taught video editing, photo editing, web design, etc. Of course at the end of it all we were given a cert, but I realized that I have lost those skills I learnt. So while I have a certificate to show me knowing how to do those stuff, it is fake, for I don't know how to.

Last year I also joined a host of competitions. Chemistry, Maths, English, Bible Knowledge (although I'm not a Christian). Just to get a certificate. Thinking back, I was really brainwashed.

But then again, achieving isn't a bad thing either. It helps a person set goals in life. Achieving something, no matter how insignificant, still makes a person feel better. It is a nice feeling, after all, to achieve something.

Tomorrow will be the start of another week, and I hope to achieve something- making full use of my spare time.
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