Sunday, 18 October 2009

It is so unbelievable that it is the second half of October already. It seemed like not too long ago that I started my 3rd semester, but that was in end July.

It is so unbelievable that I would complete my assignments on time. I thought I would not see the light of day.

It is so unbelievable that there is a high possibility I will be going overseas next year.

It is even more unbelievable that I'm already 18 years old.

My finals will be on the first week of November, which means I only have 2 more weeks left. But I am not dreading it. In fact, I'm very much looking forward to it. That's because this week will mean that all my assignments would be finished. I have 3 deadlines this week, the last one on Friday. After that, I will have no more assignments.

The finals will also mean that I have finished my foundation course. I am really, really looking forward to completing this course.

I am looking forward to relaxing at home, to spend the whole day at home doing nothing, to wake up whenever I want, to sleep 10 hours a day. I may not be as sleep deprived as some of my classmates but I still look forward to a break.

Have I mentioned that I love holidays? Ever since I was a kid I had enjoyed it. I know, everyone likes holidays but I think I like it too much for my own good. I would be excited one whole week, most of the time even earlier, when a long holiday's coming. And I would dread the end of holidays. Like now. I'm already looking forward to the holidays. Even more so since these past few weeks had been hectic.

And as I believe that we should all start the week on a good note, here's something to make you laugh.

Like it? Have a great week ahead of you!
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