Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I realized that I have not updated for almost a week now.

What kept me so busy? Assignments. I seem to be filling my posts with mentions of assignments.

Today is the 14th day of October. In another 2 weeks or so I will be sitting for my finals, and thus ending my one year foundation course. Once again, time has showed that it is capable of moving so quickly.

This day one year ago, I had "retired" from prefects and was in the final stage of my school life - preparing for SPM. Classes were spent covering the last few sections of the textbook, tuition was dedicated to revisions and free time was spent either studying or something else at home. Everything slowed to a standstill.

How much life's changed for me.

The past 365 days had been pretty eye-opening. I had decided to enter a completely different field- communications. In school I was still studying about scientific facts, about the parts of a fish which I never could remember, about how to identify salts which was awfully tough to memorize and other stuff. But in college I was exposed to a whole new world- reality. I met all sorts of people in the past year, seen so many stuff that opened my eyes about the world.

No joke. My one year stint in the committee of prefects changed me, but this also did. Suddenly coming into college there were so many new things about the world I never knew.

I believe it is the same for all of us who left school, but we just don't realize it until we look back and reflect on it. I definitely am not the same person who entered primary school.

That song was Reflection by Christina Aguilera. A really deep and emotional song. It doesn't really fit into the post but I figured the title meant something.

That was last year when we were helping a teacher key in some details for some database. As we were not on duty anymore we felt the need to break the rules, hence we brought handphones. After years of conforming to the rules of the school it was definitely nice to be able to have the thrill to break them.

It was definitely a whole year of change.
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