Friday, 9 October 2009

I can't believe my lecturers are now telling us that the finals will be tough. I'm already under enough pressure, thank you. At least the textbook will be put to use again now.

Last Saturday I decided to give myself a break from assignments since I'm quite ahead of deadlines. On Sunday I again decided to give myself a break. And Monday as well.

The result? No I'm not in need to rush now. I'm still ahead of deadlines. The end result was, well, I was more relaxed. For the past few weeks I would even do my assignments on weekends, even if it was a sentence. It feels better when I know I've done something at least. But I just needed a break from it all. I spent my time watching the TV, using the Internet and reading. I have to say, it is definitely refreshing when you resume working after a break.

It even feels better when you're on track to finishing your assignments without having to rush. No late nights, no tension.

I even managed to watch Sorority Row with my friends. Everyone says it looks like this movie and that movie, and I've watched none of them. There were definitely moments which would make you go "what the...?", but there are also tense moments when you know a person's about to die, but you don't know when. Then, BOOM! The killer makes his move. And you scream.

But I didn't care much about whether the movie was good. It was just a break from assignments for me.

In college we can't copy each others' assignments as that would be plagiarizing, so we have work on our assignments alone, unless of course it's a group assignment. And I'm reminded of the time last year when I copied an assignment.

Okay I shall elaborate. Last year we were given Add Maths assignments to do. I wasn't in class when the teacher explained, so I didn't know what to do. Lame excuse, I know. But I was also busy with prefects, constantly missing class and procrastinating, and the deadline slipped from my mind. When the day arrived we begged for an extension. You know high school teachers. Beg and you'll get what you want... most of the time. Especially if the teacher likes you.

But I was still blur about the assignment, so I did the smart thing. I used the Internet. There were the full assignment for students to download, but somehow the teachers found out. So I resorted to copying my friend's. Really, I got the soft copy, and printed everything out. So for the assignment, I just printed it, and drew a few graphs on a graph paper.

3 of us handed in identical assignments, with identical mathematical values but with different graphs. And we got 3 different scores. Most would say it's due to the graphs, but I like to think that a) the teacher didn't notice or b) she was being kind.

But as I complete the first batch of assignments, the second batch has more or less arrived. We've received deadlines for the rest of our assignments. I would be extremely happy when I complete the course.

So all in all, last week was productive, and this week was refreshing. But now, I'm back to my assignments.
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