Sunday, 4 October 2009

Since EL asked me to put up the picture of the aforementioned creative letter to the editor by Lemony Snicket, I shall continue talking about ASOUE.

Lemony's real name is Daniel Handler. And apparently the series has won multiple awards.

Anyway, here's the scanned version of the letter to the editor:

Can you read what it says? I didn't wet the book, mind you. It was printed that way.

And speaking of Lemony's creativeness, here's part of the synopsis of the 10th book, The Slippery Slope:

Like handshakes, house pets, or raw carrots, many things are preferable when not slippery. Unfortunately, in this miserable volume, I am afraid that Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire run into more than their fair share of slipperiness during their harrowing journey up- and down- a range of strange and distressing mountains.

Unfortunately, I have dedicated my life to researching and recording the sad tale of the Baudelaire Orphans. There is no reason for you to dedicate yourself to such things, and you might instead dedicate yourself to letting this slippery book slip from your hands into a nearby trash receptacle, or deep pit.

Isn't it just creative how he manages to put those mentioning of slipperiness in it, when the title is The Slippery Slope? Oh and except the last book, which is The End, all the other titles are always named in 3 words, the something and something. And the two words' initials are always the same. Bad Beginning (B,B), Slippery Slope (S,S)...

As for Lemony's profile in the books, here's an example:

Until recently, Lemony Snicket was presumed to be "presumed dead". Instead, this "presumed" presumption wasn't disproved to not be incorrect. As he continues with his investigation, interest in the Baudelaire case has increased. So has his horror.

Yes, he can bring you around in circles that way. He is simply very good that way.

Okay enough about ASOUE. I have two videos to share.

The first is a banned MasterCard commercial. It's funny and really creative, no wonder it was banned.

Can you imagine a father who's so cool about it? And MasterCard's tagline's really good, "there are some things money can't buy. For everything else there's MasterCard.

Now the next video, is a banned New Moon trailer. I don't know why it was banned, so you'll just have to take a look for yourself.

I know I know, at the beginning you went "what the..?" before you either stopped watching or you continued because you were curious.

I'm supposed to be "busy with assignments" but because some deadlines were postponed and I realized I did quite a lot already so I'm giving myself a break.
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