Thursday, 22 October 2009

I know I tried not to mention my assignments but I have to.

I have a presentation this Friday on my research. I'm actually nervous after seeing the guidelines. It doesn't look easy.

But it's Wednesday already, and I only have to last until the end of the week. Things are going out pretty okay.

After that I will have to study, study and study and pray that I do well enough in the finals.

This week has been rather relaxing for me. With most assignments done I don't really have much to do, so I got back to my routine of going to class and coming home after that.

Few days ago while reading a book, I came across one part where the character was said to be someone who is a planner. She has to have everything planned, everything organized. She found that out during a strengths quiz to find out which job is suitable for her. And it struck me that I too like to have things planned and organized, just take my recent organizer to complete my assignments. And it's worked out pretty well for me. I managed to complete my assignments, most of them ahead of the deadline so I don't have to do an all-nighter.

Anyway, that character was suitable for management. And she went into PR.

So maybe PR is the right job for me after all.
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