Saturday, 24 October 2009

The second last week of classes just ended. Next week will be the final week, then it's exams.

But I feel relieved, for I have successfully completed ALL my assignments on time. Today after my presentation, not only did I breathe a sigh of relief that I've completed the presentation and came out fine, but also that I have officially no more deadlines. Now I can just focus on studying for my finals.

After class today a few of us went to Pyramid for a movie. Me, Dixie and Zanardy weren't in the mood so we gave it a skip. Instead we headed to Subway for lunch, and immediately followed it up with dessert at Krispy Kreme. We bought a dozen and shared. I think we had 6 doughnuts untouched.

But it was a nice outing. We managed to talk for a change instead of sitting in the cinema. We talked about our past and the future.

October is already coming to an end, and sadly I've not managed to even start on A Series of Unfortunate Events. Hopefully after the exams with so much time at my disposal I can turn to books and the TV and not use the Internet so often.

Last thing before I end: I find Wipeout a really funny show. Just seeing the contestants' antics on TV and how they fail in obstacles are awfully funny. And guess what? Wipeout Australia is now on AXN (Thursday nights with repeats on Friday evenings if you're wondering).
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