Sunday, 6 September 2009

Michael Jackson was finally buried few days ago, nearly 2 months after he died. And I'm wondering, is there even a body left? Or did they mummify him?

Tomorrow's a public holiday, and I'm really, really glad that it is. I just love holidays. A lot.

I managed to reread Garth Nix's Sabriel this week. Reading it brings back good old memories. You see, there was a time when I read a lot. That was a time when in my spare time I would read instead of watching TV or going online. And it was definitely a time when I did not have so many things to worry about. Life was very much simpler then, and I do miss it sometimes.

Anyway, my sister who's able to enjoy extremely fast internet in Russia asked me to check these videos out. Don't you think the guy's really talented! Maybe not, but since I do not have a musical bone in me, the songs were really nice.

I was just reminded that my mid semester exams are coming soon, and so in the list of assignments, now I will have to add studying to the list as well. I'm really starting to worry because every time I turn the computer on to study I would end up going online and not studying, and I would feel so guilty later and the thought that I did not study scares me, but only for awhile.

Right, my notes await me. Live long, and prosper.

P.S. Is anyone having trouble posting on the cbox? Cos' I am.
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