Friday, 18 September 2009

My mid term exam ended today. And while it is a pleasure to walk the final few steps to finishing this course, it is not easy.

From now on I will have to work on my assignments till the end of October. Then it's time to pick the books up again to study for my finals. I shall be optimistic and say that I will be able to complete it.

On Thursday after Moral exam we went to Pyramid, and in the end I came home with a ticket to watch the All American Rejects! I'm pretty excited, especially since I managed to convince some friends to go along. Not that it was particularly tough. Who wouldn't want to watch them for 8.50? Too bad I'm not a celebrity blogger, or I could've gotten commission from DiGi.

That's the ticket. Of course I covered the ticket number. Wouldn't want anyone using my ticket would I.

I'm actually getting more excited by the minute, as this is the first performance I'm going to that actually features an artist I enjoy. I've only watched Lee Hom previously, and that was accompanying my sister. While he's not bad, I'm not a fan.

Gotta go now, I'm watching a documentary about Henry VIII on History. I'm actually surprised at how much I know about Tudor England.
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