Wednesday, 23 September 2009

So this week was the Raya break. All schools had a week's break, and they only resume lessons next Monday. And since I have classes and didn't go anywhere, I stayed home. And it's really quiet. Streets are near empty. There's no traffic, even at peak times like 7.30 (like this morning when I was driving to college).

It's so nice to see empty streets around Subang. The constant jams and hectic lives just disappeared this week. I guess everyone just wanted to head somewhere to unwind. And meet their families and celebrate Raya.

As for me, I just enjoyed the holidays. Besides a surprise belated birthday celebration, nothing special happened. I just lazed at home, although I fully well know that I have assignments to complete.

Anyhow, here's another topic that EL, YX and I are into. We call it a sort of series, because every now and then we have topics on our blogs on different opinions on a topic. Previously, our opinions can be backed by facts, but not this time. It's purely opinion. Anyway, one day I thought about this: Would you want to be good at something, or average in many things?

I think I am average in most things I do. Studies, badminton, anything at all, I'm never the best, I'm just the one who's not the best and not the worst either. Sometimes I'm even below average. And if I were to think of something I'm talented in, nothing comes to mind. Absolutely nothing. I can only think about things where I'm average, below average and dreadful in.

So my personal stand is: given the chance, I would of course prefer to be good at SOMETHING, and be average at everything else.

It's funny that they say everyone's born to be good at something, yet I can think of nothing that I have a talent in. In 18 years of my life I have not found an innate talent. What do they say about people like me, then?

Are we cursed with being good at nothing, or just blessed with the ability to not suck in almost anything we do?

Or are we created this way to prevent the world from becoming the same? You know what they say: If everyone's the same, the world would be a boring place. So preventing it from happening comes at our expense.

Well what can I do? I've accepted that I'm mostly average in many things, and am not talented in anything. And while I would prefer if I were, it's not something I think about all the time. Nor do I regrets about it. After all it contributed in making me who I am today.
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