Friday, 4 September 2009

Although the week's ended, I realize that I really don't have much time to rest. I have tons of assignments over the next two months, including a research paper and a social documentary.

The research paper is pretty tough, mainly because my topic is more of an opinion rather than something I can prove with facts. But so far I've been lucky, my lecturer gave useful advice and I've been able to locate information, although it ain't a lot.

There's also a speaking task for the research; we have to present our written paper to an audience. I think I've found pretty good information, but I'm still unsure of whether I can answer questions from the floor. I tend to not be able to think properly when I'm nervous, and public speaking makes me nervous no matter how many times I've done it over the years.

This third semester of college is really different from the previous two, at least for me. For the past 8 months I was given at least 1 day off a week. Now I have to go to college every single day, and what's worse, the amount of assignments seem to have increased. Or perhaps it's because for the past few months we could use the extra day for assignments; now we don't. Yes although it's mostly half-day classes, I don't really have the mood to continue with college work after I just returned from college.

But here's something that brightened my day.

That, my friends, is my former Biology teacher! My friend told me that she's in the newspaper, and I quickly went to see. I never expected her to be "front page news", so when I saw her, I laughed out loud. Really, it wasn't a chuckle, it was laughter.

She was my only Biology teacher in form 4 and 5, and stories of her never fail to make me laugh. She is just such a funny character.

And that, is my 4 "pet brother and sisters" and I. We took that picture during graduation day. It was the only one of the 5 of us I can think of, besides a few others taken a few seconds after that, with us in our signature poses. But that's for another day. You see, we sat together in one row in form 5 (yes, 5 in a row, that's how my class tables were arranged) and one day we just started joking about each other and started calling each other siblings. Or something like that, I can't really remember.

Arrgh! I miss high school!
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