Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Yes, today's my 18th.

I remember few years back when a friend of mine turned 18, she said she can finally watch any movies.

At that time, my thought was "I can't wait for that day too"! But now that I'm 18, I feel kinda... old. Yes, OLD. I'm no longer a child, although I still feel very much like one.

My college mates brought me for Final Destination, which is my first 18 & above film as an 18 year old.

I was also treated to a 'birthday crown' (from Burger King), a cake (BK too) and an airlift (Okay not an airlift, but the one where people throw you into the air and catch you. I can't think of the correct term for that now). So to any of you guys reading this, thanks for the wonderful day =). And thanks to those who wished me, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well to my 'twins', Ann Nee and Avinash.

Speaking of wishes, today I learned a few lessons in life. Friends whom I rarely talk to wished me happy birthday on facebook. And while replying them it dawned on me that I don't know their birthdays.

I feel horribly guilty, because when I go on facebook I somehow always miss the birthdays section. And I'm really not good with remembering dates. But it's really weird. Some people's birthdays I have no problem remembering, some I remember for some time and some I can't remember at all.

So today, from Final Destination I learnt that we should appreciate every day of our lives, and live it to our fullest, and I shall make an effort to check for birthdays.
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