Sunday, 20 September 2009

After such a long time, I finally got to play badminton on Friday.

I now realize that my stamina has been decreasing ever since I played less badminton than before. I get tired pretty quickly now. I shall hope that although my stamina is not what it used to be, hopefully my skill remains intact. After all, I do harbour hopes of playing badminton in Australia. Not just playing, but representing something. My uni, course, anything. Perhaps I'll be pretty good there. I heard that in colder climate you don't tire as fast, and you don't see the Aussies winning any titles or challenging even our Datuk Lee. It may not turn into reality but I'm entitled to my dreams and hopes.

I hate it that I'm having classes on Wednesday. This week was supposed to be the mid semester break but because of the H1N1 outbreak they moved it forward. Now I only have holidays till Tuesday.

So now, I'm enjoying my holidays. Hopefully you're all enjoying yours too.
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