Monday, 28 September 2009

Nah I'm only joking.

I took a piece of paper just now and divided the paper into several sections, which I used to write down all my deadlines for the next couple of days and my plans to have them completed.

I'm an organized person that way. I find it much easier to do something if I had planned everything. This way I can fully concentrate on what I'm doing without having to worry about missing a deadline.

Similarly, by planning what I'll have to do to complete my assignments, I don't have to worry about missing out on one assignment. This way I can do work in a more organized and in my opinion, efficient manner. I mean, when you have so much on your mind you can't possibly focus 100% on the task at hand. Planning everything would allow me to.

And did anyone watch The Human Family Tree on National Geographic? It's a documentary on a theory about the origin of humans. In that documentary it was shown that everyone in the world is actually related! We can actually trace our lineage down to only one man and one woman who lived long time ago. They lived in different times, but somehow only their genes survived till today. And they were Africans. So the theory is, we all began as Africans! But as we migrated out of Africa, we had to adapt to different climates and living conditions, hence the vast difference in humans today.

But the documentary highlighted one important point: On the outside, we humans look so different, but genetically, we're all in the same family.
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