Friday, 11 September 2009

Today's the anniversary of 9/11!

But although to many Americans it would bring memories of that horrific day, to me, it is HAPPY BIRTHDAY EELYN!

I remember that when it happened, I didn't know about it until I was told. At that time I don't read the newspaper, see.

And I learned that Ellen Degeneres is the new permanent judge on American Idol. It should be more fun to watch now, I wonder how she's like as a judge.

I love being mistaken for a banana. People will speak in Chinese thinking I don't understand a word. It's not even eavesdropping if they're talking like normal right in front of me, and I can just have no reaction while actually listening to their every word.

I'm having my mid term exams next week and I've barely studied. I want to do well, but yet here I am, online and blogging.

Tomorrow's a Saturday, which I'm determined to spend studying. I seem to have lost my ability to study; in form 5 I think I was better at absorbing facts and memorizing them.

Yesterday a few of us stayed back after class at the mamak. Somehow the topic turned to stories of the supernatural. Some were really freaky, and to make it worse, out of a sudden strong winds started blowing in the college, it was so strong that several temporary billboards placed by some people having an event fell to the ground. Later pamphlets they were holding were blown by the wind too, scattered all around the floor. And the sky wasn't even dark.

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