Thursday, 27 August 2009

So college was closed this week because of H1N1.

I'm supposed to be studying and completing assignments but I'm not. I only managed to complete one essay. And I know I have one book review and a magazine summary due next week.

But I have been productive. I've rested and thought that since my Internet will most probably be restricted next year, I might as well have things that I can do to while the time away. And I came up with a brilliant idea. I started compiling a list of DVDs I have that I'd want to rip to my hard disk so that I can at least watch movies in my spare time.

Turns out ripping DVDs is unlike music. But thankfully, there's a really handy tutorial I found which teaches you how to rip a DVD using step by step ways. Today I tried using it, and it worked! Unfortunately it takes about 2 hours to rip just one movie, and the list I made is pretty long, so I decided to start ripping movies now. Hopefully there's enough hard disk space.

But my week wasn't filled with that alone. I managed to play badminton once, and the next day I watched Aliens In The Attic. I found it funny, obviously. I particularly looked forward to the scene of the grandmother fighting a young man, and I wasn't disappointed.

I also started reading yet another John Grisham book, one I just obtained a few weeks back. I seem to enjoy reading those thrillers involving a lawyer.

And I plan to complete my book review in the next few days, and follow it up with the magazine summary. On Merdeka Day I'm going to the temple to get an award for excelling in SPM. Nothing productive there but it's extra pocket money!

I've come to realize that although this semester had just started, it is going to end soon. It is the last week of August, and I have only September and October left. The first week of November (if I'm not mistaken) is my finals. And I still have the research, a documentary, 2 reviews and other assignments from the other 3 subjects. I foresee 2 very busy months.
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