Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Last week in Media Appreciation tutorial we had this AA inspired sharing session whereby we sat down in a circle and told the whole class which book greatly influenced our lives.

Our lecturer mentioned that the books we read are all reflective of a certain phase in our lives. I suppose that's true, which explains why I no longer read some books that I was once crazy about.

Then I thought about friends. Why is it that we lose touch with people we were once close with? I for one don't keep in contact with my primary school friends, except those that went on to the same secondary school as me. My secondary school friends and I still keep in touch now, even when we're all busy with college. Would we drift apart? I hope not.

Then I thought about time. Isn't it funny when people say time flies. But in fact, time works in a very unique way in our heads. In Form 5 when I was sitting for my SPM I would look back and think that indeed, time passed by so quickly. I had already been in high school for 5 years. But now that I look back, Form 5 seems like a long time away. High school seems like a long time away, even though I've just left.

It seems really long time ago that I had wanted glory and power (Yes, I wanted power) and all that, and worked hard to get a post in the prefectorial board. It seemed even longer ago that I performed on stage in my first ever prefect installation. So long ago that I was in tuition talking about dirty jokes.

I've come to realize that although I've only been in college for 8 months, I've changed a lot. One year in the prefectorial board's leadership matured me, but college made me open my eyes to the world.

So in some ways, not much time have passed but it seems as though it has, and sometimes time flies.

This is a really nice song. I couldn't find the MV and I don't know whether there's one, I only have 2 songs from this band (Aqualung). The clips are from Gossip Girl.

Now I think I better stop and start on my college work.
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