Saturday, 8 August 2009

Guess what? I skipped a lecture and a tutorial, just so I can attend my alma mater's prefect installation.

A group picture with the VIP. Now how many graduates you know can actually take pictures with the VIP of an important school event? And guess why we all looked at different places? No it wasn't planned. It was the 'paparazzi' clicking away. Really, there were about 10 of them, each taking pictures without counting. Privilege of a senior and being with a VIP, perhaps?

I guess the main reason for doing so was because I missed form 5, and also this could very well be the last installation I'm invited to.

I was surprised at how different I felt about the whole thing. Installation to me, would still be a very important event but I just looked at it from a different point of view. Knowing how hard the form 4s worked just to get into the Top 6, like I had done, doesn't seem so glorious anymore. Either I'm jaded as I've gone through the same thing, or it's because being in college and learning about so many different things that I've not learned of in the science stream, changed me.

As for my week, it passed by uneventfully, except that I've watched G.I. Joe already, and it's just what? 2 days after the release?

No actually something did happen. I caught the flu last week. I've seen the doctor twice, and they have both said that it's just the seasonal flu, not H1N1. And today I found out that somebody in my campus tested positive for it. He / she is responding well to treatment, and his / her classmates are quarantined. When I read it the first thing that came to my mind was "WHAT? NO HOLIDAY?!?!" Evil of me, eh, to think of holidays when someone's down with H1N1?

And this is something I just read.

The blog post? 5 Big Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid.

1. Having Music Played On Your Blog
I know you love to share the latest song you are in love with. But at the very least don't let it play automatically. Blogs that start playing music automatically it's really annoying. Trust me.

2. The Way You Write Your Blog
tHiS is NoT coOL. WrItIng tHiS WaY iS aNnOyIng. iT's NoT cReAtiViTy. iT is pUrE stUpiDiTy.

3. Too Many Widgets
Your blog will load super slow with widgets. People who come to your blogs probably visit around 50 blogs per day too? The last thing they will want to do is to wait for your blog to load up.

4. Complaining,Cursing About Something Or Somebody
Too much negativity in your blog will drive people away. People don't like to hang out with people who are always frowning.

5. Long-winded Posts
I know some people love writing thousand words essay. However, unless you are confident enough to make them interesting enough to capture your readers' attention until your very last word, write short and straight forward posts. They will appreciate that.

I agree with number 1 and 2. Completely. I rarely visit blogs with music on it; I just don't like it when I have to pause it so that I can listen to the music I've been playing. After all, everybody's music taste is different. And mixing the letters with capitals and normal ones just makes it hard to read. Seriously.

As for number 3, I'm so bad with these things that I don't know what a widget is.

Okay I admit I couldn't find another picture to post, so I chose this. Taken during last year's prefect annual dinner, with some uniformed people from the army, I think!

Number 4... Hmmm... Well I definitely wouldn't like to read a blog in which every single post is dedicated to someone or something the author doesn't like, but once in a while, it's fine.

If a blog I'm reading belongs to a famous blogger, I probably won't read much if it's a long winded post; but if there are pictures involved then it's a different story altogether. But most long winded posts are found in my friends' blogs, and I don't really mind it much as I just scroll down and read whether anything major happened in their lives.

Okay, I better stop before I commit big mistake number 5.
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