Monday, 24 August 2009

When I told my sister that I thought that although there isn't much difference in the opposition and government, at least in the BN there's MCA and MIC who can voice out their disagreement if a certain policy does not favour their respective races.

She said that I've got it all wrong, they don't have a say at all. I retorted that at least it's better than the opposition, where you have parties like PAS creating a scene about nothing and enforcing laws that are ridiculous. She disagreed. She said that I've got my politics wrong.

I also remember saying that PAS Youth is very conservative, especially since they elected a conservative leader. I was told that it was not true, and that since the election last year they have come to realize the importance of catering to all Malaysians.

Now, I read on a blog that Malaysiakini reported that PAS Youth has called for the Michael Learns To Rock concert to be canceled because it would 'corrupt and weaken the morals of the people'.

What I don't get, is how a concert can corrupt and weaken a person's morals. Just a few hours! Do they think that we're incapable of holding on to our principles? Perhaps they think that Malaysians are easily influenced?

PAS Youth also said that the government are disrespecting and inconsiderate of Muslims who are fasting. Now who was it that said that they want to cater to all Malaysians? Oh and about the Youth wing being conservative, I know it to be true because I read a commentary about it. First it was banning guys and girls from being too close to each other in Kelantan. Then the Avril Lavigne concert. Then the banning of beer. Now this.

The PAS Youth leader also said that 'Foreign bands, not aware of the local culture, would challenge the sensitivities of the Muslims'. Hmmm... I thought they fought for freedom of expression in the media? Music is a form of media too.

PAS also said that UMNO would be regarded with disgust. Now I'm no Muslim, but I'm glad that at least these concerts are allowed by BN. At least we have some world class entertainment. Besides, MLTR isn't even rock.

I think PAS simply didn't research enough before they make statements. They must've confused Avril for some other singer (or perhaps they just stereotyped all Western female singers!) and thought that since MLTR has the word 'rock' in it, it would give rock bands a run for their money in the rock category, although the band is so old that it is the age that a person can register as a voter here.

Now that, makes perfect sense.
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