Friday, 21 August 2009

Like the title says, this week was pretty hectic.

Third semester is definitely the most stressful so far. There's the added pressure of doing well because this semester determines whether or not we'll pass this course.

I went to Genting last week, 2 days 1 night. Didn't play in the theme parks, just enjoyed the weather.

This week started out fine, but then on Thursday we had a moral quiz and a media appreciation presentation. I was a little nervous as by 9 I still hadn't started studying for the quiz. I was still doing the presentation. LUCKILY, the class was canceled and the quiz postponed.

And today I had to hand in my research proposal for english.

This semester I've been working harder than previous semesters, and I sure hope it pays off.

I've just found out that the hostel I'm planning to stay in next year provides free internet, but with a download limit which means I can't download anything or watch YouTube videos or any live streaming. I shall be living a very sad existence if I'm not being busied with assignments. Hopefully there'll be a place like a cafe that has free wifi! Then I can watch as many videos and download as many things as I want.

That was a cover of Linkin Park's What I've Done, vocals by Marie Digby and the electric violin was played by Dave Kim. Not bad, eh?

And that was supposedly one of Yasmin Ahmad's last projects before her tragic death. Shows that we humans are not perfect after all, and that people who love us should accept our flaws as who we are. "Beautifully imperfect", she called it. I couldn't agree more. See I'm being media literate. And the acting was really good, too! I think the woman is a theater actress, I've seen her in the newspaper before.

But my media literacy skills has a limit. For those of you who don't know, media literacy is a skill which enables you to critically analyze media messages to get the meaning of the message.

Anyway, I don't know if you guys know about this project called 15 Malaysia. It's a project that brought 15 filmmakers together. There are 15 short films, each by one director. Yasmin Ahmad was one of them. Here's her short film, Chocolate.

I don't know about you, but I definitely did not understand what the message of the film was till I read the synopsis:

A quiet tale that reminds us that, despite the multifaceted contradiction of Malaysia, life goes on – even if not all of it is sweet.

Yes, life is not sweet. But life goes on. It is beautifully imperfect, after all.
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