Monday, 17 August 2009

Has anyone read John Grisham's The Firm?

It's about this Harvard Law grad who was third in his class and obviously being third in Harvard is no small feat. He was swarmed with job offers from big corporations, but in the end, he accepted an offer from a small firm who offered him a lot of money, and a lot of benefits.

But he later finds out that the company he's working for is dealing with a lot of illegal stuff, and he realizes he's in danger.

Anyway, the main character is regarded as something like a machine. He works like no one has before. Normally the new recruit would work his ass off for a few months, then he would cut down. But this guy didn't. He just worked and worked and worked. He rarely sleeps.

And I'm wondering. It would be nice to have a little of that. This semester would be the most important of my whole course and I don't want to risk failing anything, so I'll have to work harder. It would be nice to have that energy to work non stop and still excel. Sadly, I don't have that.

A new week begins tomorrow, and I should probably get some rest.
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