Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I finally finished reading Tuesdays With Morrie for Media Appreciation. Now I think I'll read The Last Lecture. Not that I particularly enjoy motivational books.

Anyway, today I answered two phone calls on the house phone.

Both times, I was told that someone from my family had called them from my house phone, and they were wondering who called, and what about.

The funny thing is that I did not call them. I don't know who called them, but I didn't. I recognize one of their as my sister's university roommate's mother as we had visited their home before, but the other caller was an unknown.

Some event in college a few years back. Funny why they still didn't take it down.

The first, unknown caller, after hearing that I wasn't the one who called him, and had no idea who had, at least had the sense to tell me to ask my family members and give him a call. The other caller, I shall give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she did not hear me when I said I don't know who called her, for she asked again why did I call her for. Slightly stunned, I asked my sister to answer and see whether it was who I thought it was. Apparently I was right, but for some reason my sister put the phone down.

But she wasn't about to give in. She had called again, just to find out who had called her! Funny lady.

As they say, 'a picture speaks a thousand words'.

But what frustrates me, was the fact that these people had called an unknown FIXED line in the hopes that whoever had called them would so conveniently be by the telephone awaiting them to return the call. As if anyone's that free. It's a FIXED line. There's clearly more than 1 person using the phone when it's a fixed line. The chances of you getting the person who had called you is extremely slim. Heck, even with handphones you can return the call and the person who answers is not the person who had called you! I witnessed someone I know, too, call an unknown number. How weird was it to say 'hey, someone called me using your number, could you just verify who it was?'

Look!!! I'm featured in a street billboard!!!

I for one, never return a call when I don't recognize the number. Handphones these days will display the name of the person who called you if you had saved their names into your phone, so when I have a missed call and it's from a number I don't know, I don't bother returning the call.

I figured that if it's an emergency, the person at the other end would call back, anyway.
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