Saturday, 29 August 2009

I'm wondering, have you guys heard of Corey Vidal?

He's actually one of those popular YouTubers. His videos are watched by many people around the world and he has been very successful.

One of his recent successes, was the Star Wars a cappella tribute to John Williams.

In the video, he said that the vocals were provided by Moosebutter. I personally think that it means that he was only lip syncing. But apparently some people wrote in the comments that it wasn't lip syncing.

I really didn't know that even YouTubers can become famous. He even managed to attend the People's Choice Awards because his video was nominated! And I think he deserves it. It was very good lip syncing, and the idea of having himself in fours was creative.

Today I also watched the movie UP. I guess it was a meaningful movie that managed to catch the kids' attention and also connect to the adults, so movie wise, it was a good one, but personally I didn't find it very good.

But there were funny moments still that made me laugh out loud, although some scenes didn't really make sense. But hey, it's a movie for kids.

And I was thankful that the kids in the cinema were quiet at least.
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  1. dhavati says: son is not a kid any more ! Hey son, the movie is meaningful. Think about it, your parents aged when you have grown up.....