Friday, 31 July 2009

So this is my first week of my third and final semester at college.

The subjects are definitely tougher, but more interesting. Media Appreciation and Social Psychology, particularly, sounded really interesting to me.

Even Moral Education didn't sound too bad. I mean, compared with SPM Moral, it's definitely more interesting.

I need to get at least a B for my whole course, in order to enter UniSA.

Did you know that the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender will be made into a movie? I believe it's going to be released next year.

Speaking of movies,

That scene, from The Proposal just made me laugh my lungs out yesterday! You can't really hear what's being said, but when you do watch it either on DVD or in the cinema, I guarantee that you'll find that scene awfully hilarious too!

We originally had Moral from 8 to 12, but our lecturer let us out by 9! And worse, we have a class at 2. So a few of us went for breakfast, then headed to Pyramid.

It was 11.30 at the time, so there weren't many movie choices. The only one was The Proposal, about a boss who fakes being engaged to her assistant in an attempt to prevent herself being deported.

And an interesting fact? We watched the first screening of the movie, at 11.45. And the best part? That was the first day of screening! So we actually watched the very first screening of The Proposal in Pyramid.

Seems like I'm becoming a movie buff after all.
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