Friday, 3 July 2009

Maria Sharapova may look very fierce and calm during her matches, but sometimes she does lose it. That's when you see her putting her swearing skills to good use.

No joke! She really does curse during matches. Her opponents might think she's distracted and is losing her focus as she normally looks calm. Here's a few examples I've found on the Net.

In the first video, after her opponent's spare tennis ball drops out of her skirt the umpire said it was a let; but if I'm not mistaken normally a point ids awarded to the opponent. Being under the hot sun for so long and to be told you lost a point that you felt was yours isn't a good feeling at all. So she says "Are you f#*@ing kidding me?"

I can't really make out what she said in the second video, but from reader comments I believe it goes along the lines of "I'll beat your f*@$ing ass!" Apparently in one of the previous points the French crowd had boo-ed her or something like that, and she felt that they needed to be taught a lesson.

Swearing is considered as an indecent act. But sometimes you find yourself in a position of intense emotion that no other words can describe how you felt. I don't think one should use it all the time but at times of extreme emotion I think it's justified. And if you watch the related videos, they do show how rude the French crowd can be. One particular video showed two players in tears after being given a huge dose of the French crowd's rudeness.

But it's still amusing to see a player cursing in the middle of a match, no matter what the circumstances are!
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