Sunday, 26 July 2009

Two weeks ago I flew to Kuching, Sarawak, where Phil's hometown is.

And what can I say about the place? It looks very much like KL in some ways, yet so different in other aspects.

So Phil became our tour guide by bringing us around Kuching, introducing us to the different types of food throughout the week. Not once did I complain of hunger. In fact, we were brought out for a meal within 10-15 minutes of us arriving at Phil's house.

Sarawakian food is definitely very different from food in the Peninsula. There's just so many different variety of food from the different ethnicities in Sarawak.

But it wasn't just food all the time. We went visiting too. We visited the Kuching Waterfront, Fort Margherita, Sarawak Cultural Village and Damai Beach.

The culture there also different from ours. I've never noticed till now that Sarawakians use 'ba' when they talk. From my understanding it's something of an equivalent of the 'ma' that KL people use, but I'm told that it's slightly different as 'ma' is used in Sarawak too. And let's not forget the indigenous people. There really are so many different tribes that I don't think I can remember all of them.

We had decided to visit Damai Beach and so we booked a room for 2 nights. Only during our stay there did we know that there was a tsunami warning. Actually, I had received an email from a friend long time ago that some guy had predicted so many tragedies accurately and had predicted a tsunami to occur at July 22.

Anyway nothing happened and we went back to Phil's house safely.

But for those of you who think Sarawakians are really rural people, this might convince you otherwise.

That was displayed, of all places, in a shopping mall.

Need a better look?

Throughout the trip, however, 2 songs were stuck in my head.

Yeah. Proves that maybe Mariah Carey does suck at pronouncing words.

When I came back to KL, I went to Pyramid to meet up with a couple of friends to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

I really like this movie! I think that it is one of the more faithful movies, and the director managed to stick to the main plot of the book, read between the lines and provide additional scenes.

Here's one random thought. Have you noticed how many authors are riding on the Twilight craze? Today in the bookstore I noticed Vampire Beach, Vampire Kisses, The Coffin Club, Night World, Full Moon and The Vampire Diaries. Maybe I just didn't notice them before but I just doubt that there were so many vampire-related novels before Twilight came about. Somehow every time I see a book about vampires the first thought that comes to my mind is 'Just another Twilight'.

Harry Potter's still better for me!
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