Friday, 10 July 2009

I just completed my second semester in college today. To those of you curious souls, I have 3 semesters in 1 year, hence every semester lasts for around 3 months.

Our finals ended today and we are given a 2 week break before we return for our final semester. Originally, I had wanted to lazy at home like I did the last semester break, just staying up late and waking up as late as I want and not having to wake up early for college, but it seems that I won't be able to do so.

On Monday I'll be going to Kuching with my college friends. Don't really know why I agreed to go in the first place, when I had already planned to stay at home. Must be the peer pressure.

I'll be back on Saturday night, then on Sunday I'm leaving again. To the east coast. With the family. For one week.

So I won't be home for about two weeks.

Exciting, isn't it? I don't think I've had any back to back holidays before.

Anyway, just to let whoever's reading this know that that's why I'll be neglecting this blog for some time.
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