Thursday, 30 July 2009

So after returning home from Harry Potter, I got a few hours' sleep, then headed to the east coast with my family.

Our first stop was Cherating, Kuantan. The beach wasn't as clean as the one in Damai, but if I'm not mistaken the water's slightly clearer.

We stayed at one of those budget chalets for the night. I admit that I've been used to being in my comfort zone for far too long; I'm too used to having what I consider luxuries- Clean room and toilets whenever I'm out holidaying.

The room was probably an ant nest, for any food brought into the room would attract them. The toilet didn't have a sink and there weren't any cold water. Nonetheless I was so tired as I just came back from Kuching and had a late night, and the whole day of traveling also contributed. I slept well despite the inconveniences.

The next day, we went to the beach for awhile before beginning our journey again, this time to Kota Bharu, Kelantan. At first I was hesitant about entering this state, as I've heard that there are laws that don't exist at home. But it turned out all right. The budget accommodation we stayed in was really clean. They even had housekeeping, and all those for 75 ringgit (I think!) a night!

Kelantan, although being ruled by an Islamic party, practice religious tolerance. There are actually 4 giant statues of the Buddha around the state, but we only visited 3. However, there is hardly any night life there; most shops close by 10 latest. Even before that streets are awfully quiet, and this is the capital of Kelantan (Again, I'm assuming, which according to my Social Psychology lecturer, is the mother of all mistakes)!

After that, we moved to the south of Kelantan, to the tiny town of Gua Musang. Here I finally understood to some degree why Kota Bharu is the capital. Gua Musang is even smaller, and even less developed.

I saw that sign and found it really odd. What if I parked my car after the box? Then it wouldn't be 'Zon Kunci Tayar' anymore, would it?

From Gua Musang, we used the new highway to make our way to Cameron Highlands. I love going to Cameron Highlands, and have been going there regularly, since I was a toddler. It's just so peaceful and cooling, though now it's very much developed and traffic congestion is becoming more of a problem.

My grandaunt, who works at Cameron, has a friend who's a caretaker of a quaint English home. She brought us there for afternoon tea. We were allowed to roam and explore the house as the owner's not expected to be back for a few more days. The interior of the house is made entirely of wood, and there's a really homey feeling about it all.

What I liked most about it, however, is the toilet the owner uses. It was so small, yet looked really nice. But it was still big enough that my camera couldn't take a whole picture of it. But I noticed that the bathtub had a really unique feature: a mirror.

Weird, eh?

Anyway we stayed at Cameron for a further 2 nights, then on the last day we visited the Sungai Palas Tea Plantation, or more popularly known as the Boh Tea Plantation.

The place was really peaceful and quiet, and the cool weather just adds to the holiday mood. But this year I noticed something: Couples taking pictures for their wedding album.

It's part of the modern day Chinese culture, and the background is rather nice, after all!

After a cup of tea, we headed down to Ipoh, where my grandfather lives, and stayed for a few hours before heading home after dinner.

So that was it. Two weeks of holiday, well spent.
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