Sunday, 28 June 2009

I had never been a big fan of jogging or marathons. But throughout my life I've participated in several runs, for the fun of it.

However, I only realized that the Standard Chartered KL Marathon is in fact more of a professional one when I examined the contents of the goodie bag. Apparently, the piece of paper with our number on it (called a bib, I think) had this electronic timing solution, which "has a passive radio transponder sticker". Yea I didn't get that either. But I understand it as a device to time us. The second clue struck me upon us arriving there. There were hordes of people standing around the area although it was barely past 5 in the morning, and they didn't look like people who joined just to have a fun time, though. A lot of them looked really professional, some even came in team costumes. And everyone seemed very well prepared. The emcee even said something about training since last year which shocked me as I had not done any preparations.

I had no idea what time the race started, but I know it was jam packed! As 10km was the shortest route for adults it was the most popular.

By the time we arrived I would've happily slept right there. We (Yixian, Jiawei, Yuetyin and I) were so tired as we didn't get much sleep.

And not just that! Several celebrities attended too! I saw the national swimmer Daniel Bego walking around. Looks like he ran too. And Ning Baizura performed on stage, although I don't think she received much attention as everyone was too worn out to even cheer.

And the race itself? I think I'm fortunate to have completed it relatively unscathed. Last year when I participated in my school's cross country run I ended up feeling exhausted by the time I reached the finish line that I sat down and just gulped down continous Revive drinks provided. This time I decided not to push myself since I had not trained at all. And I also brought along my iPod which really helped while the time away.

In the end, I completed 10 km to loud cheers from lots of unknown people (yes I was pretty late) and guess what I ended up with?

A finisher's medal, hopefully a certificate, blisters and sore muscles (though I can only blame myself for that!) and fatigue.

I don't have any pictures as I didn't want to bring along a camera which is rather inconvenient for a marathon, but Yixian did and I'm hoping to get the pics soon. Then I'll post again. For now, my bed's fascinatingly inviting.
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