Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The second semester of college just got tougher.

Now, assignments are being given very often. Tomorrow I have 2 assignments due. Thank goodness they are group assignments and I needn't do all the work myself. I really don't know why some of the lecturers are giving out the assignments now rather than spreading it out throughout the semester.

An interesting incident happened this week, which left me slightly shocked. Of course, there's a chance that I'm wrong, but as they say, always trust your instincts.

Otherwise, this week has been pretty much uneventful.

On another note, did anybody watch Survivor: Tocantins?

I had always found the Survivor series really interesting. The last episode of that season just aired a few weeks ago. I like the way the game's played, with all the strategy involved and all that. Watching losing players about to be voted off fight to stay on is nice too.

But I did notice that the later seasons' challenges were much more brutal than the earlier ones. Contestants are basically wrestling to win challenges. I wonder how come nobody was sent to the medical team so far.

I suppose they had to do something to keep the show interesting.
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