Friday, 8 May 2009

Tomorrow's Wesak Day. For many years now, I have attended it. And thinking back, we all really did grow up!

I remember at first, few of us kids would stick together because our parents are helpers. Then, we were considered too young to be able to be helpers. But we always had each other's company.

Prefects' Annual Dinner 07

Then one year we noticed that the free distribution books counter had nobody taking care of it. From then on that became our haunt. Every time we would be there, arranging the books and replenishing the displays.

And one year, it was decided that the stall needn't be there. So we had no place to go to. So once again we had nothing to do. And the 'group' was getting smaller and smaller too. But we were growing older. Finally, we became helpers, emceeing and leading the puja, or prayers.

Prefects' Annual Dinner 08- With some army people & Jia Wei

Still, our 'group' continued to get smaller. I think in the last few years there were only 2 of us.

Everyone grew up, and had different goals in life, and got busier. We still keep in contact, but as everyone was doing something different, we rarely saw each other.

Prefects' Annual Dinner 08- Form Fives

This goes on to prove that as we grow up, life gets more complicated. Do you remember your childhood friend?

This year's Wesak, I don't think I'll be attending for long. Firstly, there's nothing for me to do anyway. Secondly, I'm leaving for PD! Will be back on Tuesday, so I won't be updating for awhile.

Prefects' Annual Dinner 08- Izie, Bin, Kean Weng, Jia Wei, me, and Akid

Plus, I'll have to bring some books to study there because my mid term exam's the week after next. And I still have an assignment to complete. Hopefully there will still be enough time.
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