Saturday, 9 May 2009

Yesterday, I watched Star Trek with a couple of friends.

I have no idea what it's about as it was during our parents' time that it was popular, but I felt that such a prominent movie shouldn't be missed.

The storyline wasn't complicated, it was understandable, but I think the movie was too long. I think it was because the plot was really normal. Saving the world and all that. And understandably, back then this sort of movie would've made waves, as it's about the outer space too. Now humans are more advanced; we already know about outer space and all that.

For younger audience like me, I don't think they would enjoy the movie much. I think it's more for the older generation to relive their fond memories of the movie, just like how in 20 years we might see a remake of a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings movie!

But as with all movies, there will be characters you like or admire. For me, it's Commander Spock. He really grew and learned a lot during the duration of the movie. He was very proud of himself and did not like it when he's outsmarted. But in the end, he really became a nicer person.

So if you have not watched a Star Trek movie before, I would say you should watch it if you just want to know why your parents liked it. Or just to know what Star Trek's all about. It's a good experience, but I don't see anyone eager to buy the DVD or watch it a second time.
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