Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Have you ever experienced just how much our education system needs a revamp? Truly, it has become pitiable to the point where graduates (or maybe not) struggle with basic things some of us take for granted.

And that's what happened to me today when I tried to book a badminton court.

When I entered I was confronted by a worker whom I've not seen before, so I immediately thought that he must be a part timer.

I told him I would like to book a court for next Tuesday, and since it is the place's policy that when you book, you have to pay in full as well, it is understandable that when you say that you want to book, it means you're paying as well.

So I told him nicely "I want to book a court for next Tuesday".

He started flipping the booking form, and then told me "We don't have the menu yet". And here I can't resist pointing out that it's called a schedule, not a menu, because if I'm not mistaken, menus are those lists of food available in restaurants.

He went on babbling about how I can't book if the 'menu' is not with him, and that I should return next week, Friday perhaps. Since when Friday came before Tuesday? That's the first time I've heard of it! Luckily, although I was short sighted I distinctly saw that next week's schedules were there, and when I pointed it out to him, he double checked and said "oooohhh yes got". I think he actually thought that next week was June.

Then he scanned the paper, and told me a few seconds later that there were no courts available. Only that I saw that there was one spot. So I said 'therreeeeeee!' And he noticed it too. But for some reason, maybe because his ego was deflated, he continued insisting that he can't confirm it for me because there's a regular who plays at that time. He even flipped to a page and showed me. Only that it was Friday, not Tuesday. I have no idea what his obsession with Fridays is.

I was exasperated. Still I maintained a calm expression. How nice of me.

He gave me a pamphlet, told me to call that number and look for a certain person later in the day, and proceeded to ignore me by answering a call on his cellphone. So I left.

This picture describes him in more ways than you know. Seriously!

Lesson of this incident? Some Malaysians are in awful need of reeducation. Okay maybe he is a dropout, but most people drop out of school because they can't keep up with the curriculum anyway. We should give these people a chance by training them before letting them be employed. Otherwise they would just frustrate people when a communication breakdown occurs.

Many senior citizens still go back to school, so I don't see why he can't. But then again, he doesn't even know the days of the week or months of the year, so maybe what he needs is going back to kindergarten, which is horribly embarrasing even though he doesn't have graying hair yet.

And I have to say, he really ticked me off. And being so rude to customers was uncalled for. I'm sure his employers would've told him that you must always prioritize your customers.

It's really bad for me, you know. I have my Mass Comm exam tomorrow and he ticked me off so much that I had to vent it out here. How often have you seen me talking about some random person who pissed me?

Second lesson of the incident: Anger management is very important!
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