Sunday, 24 May 2009

I just realized that I did not post about my trip to PD last week.

So last week I went to Port Dickson, because my dad still had the time sharing thing from Legend, and we had finish it by a certain time.

So we left after Wesak.

We stayed at the Legend Water Chalets, and I must say the service was good! Upon arrival an employee helped us remove our luggage and placed it at a corner while waiting for us to check in. And the receptionists were very polite, too!

After receiving our key cards, another employer led us to the water chalets. He even offered to help me carry my luggage (upstairs unit!) but I declined. And when I reached the door, I was dumbfounded. For a few seconds. Because as they gave us a card, I assumed it was those doors where you have to insert the card somewhere and it'll unlock the door. But there was no such thing on the door! So I took the card and it said something like "place key near door to unlock".

So I placed it near the door. Nothing happened. This is actually how you open the door:



3.Cool right! And the room was unique too. It was split into 2 sections: bedroom and toilet. And the door doesn't open into the bedroom, it opens into the toilet.

That's the toilet. Bath, shower, and cubicle. Side by side.

And that, folks, is the room! It has a day bed and a king sized bed. I tried sleeping both ways: diagonally and vertically. I can actually fit both ways. Yes, I actually had the time to experiment.

The type of chalet I was in had upper and lower units. For the lower unit, you have a glass panel where you can view the "perfect blue" colour of the sea. For the upper unit, you have... A shower with a roof that can be opened! Fancy taking a shower under the moonlight, anyone?

Now, let me show you the view around the chalets.

And the security was pretty good too. There were those mirrors whose name I can't remember any more, the one that widens your field of vision so that you can see more things, and CCTVs. Not fool-proof, but at least they had the initiative.

And the lobby was very well decorated, but I have no idea why they did it when there were no reading materials. Guests without laptops would just sit there stoning. Nah I'm just joking. The sofas were normally empty.

And the lights! Such an innovative creation.

I visited a museum one day. The Lukut Museum. Apparently it was a civilization in the middle of nowhere and it thrived and that's what made it so interesting because normally civilizations thrive when they're located near seas where they can get food, water and can trade.

Look! It's so far away!

Not any more!

That's the road they used those days.

I also visited a beach. It was fairly clean, and there was a lagoon. I think that's what it's called. Whereby there's a pool of water surrounded by land.

I have no idea what that man is doing. But I think it's a metal detector?

And there were tiny crabs. Lots of them. Although people were walking, the crabs just walked like normal. They didn't even hide. But when a human gets close to it, it'll burrow very quickly into the sand.

There was a beach near the hotel, which we went one morning. It didn't look like a beach at all.

If you had taken a sample and told me it was waste water, I would've believed you because I've seen it.

So PD was okay, I guess. Nothing much to do, so I would say it's for people who wants to relax.

Oh, and beach lovers probably have better beaches to go to.
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