Sunday, 3 May 2009

Few weeks back I attended Taylor's' Mass Colympics. I didn't plan to go actually, but a lecturer told us that attendance is compulsory, so oh well. I joined the Amazing Race.

I actually thought that since the venue was so close to the LRT station, we would be required to move around the city, which was more fun but as it turns out, it was only inside the park.

Anyway, Allan Wu from Amazing Race Asia flagged us off and we got our very first clue! But it said 'you're in the 3rd group. Please wait to be called'. So what can we do? Take pictures! We managed to take pictures with Allan and another celebrity, Rashid Salleh who's apparently a host with ESPN.

We waited so long to start, like 2 hours. And, we performed fairly well too! Too bad we got penalised. We were really so close to getting to the next round. When we were penalised we were still the 3rd team, but unfortunately only the first two teams can make it through so... we gave up. A wise warrior knows when the battle's lost. I don't know whether anyone's said that, but if no one has, it's mine!

That's the team of lecturers from the first group who made it to the semis.

Oh and the name of our team? Shamalamadingdong.
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