Friday, 15 May 2009

So, there was this time when Ann Nee and Ee Lyn said we should write about a certain issue in our blog, just to look at differing opinions. I was supposed to start but had no ideas, so nothing started. Until now. A few days ago, actually.

Anyway, Ee Lyn was thinking one day: What if we weren't prefects in school? How would school life be?

Me 'dutying' for moral's kerja amal

Friends from SJ would know that I was a prefect since form 1. So, how would school life be for me if I wasn't a prefect?

Graduation Day- Form 5 prefects + Pn Mah (teacher in charge of prefects) + Pn Lee (counselor)

I originally didn't plan to join the prefectorial board. But when I did, I remember that I used to have sleepless nights (ssshhh!) wondering whether I got it.

I really can't imagine myself as a normal student. Life as a prefect is the one I've known and lived by. BUT, if I were to stretch my imagination to the very limit, I guess this would be it.

Me at the KP's table, on Graduation Day

I won't know a lot of the people I know now. And I would be one of those cinas who speak chinese all the time. Uh-huh. One of them. That's because when I entered the school, I was placed in the chinese class since I was from a chinese primary school. Not everyone, but most of us were. So my friends were a group of guys and girls maybe, and that was life for my first 2 years in secondary school. I think out of the whole group, only Ee Lyn and I were prefects. So if I wasn't one, I don't think I would've been a very good student.

This was in Form 4. That's Ms. Caroline, a trainee teacher from Sabah or Sarawak

My friends weren't troublemakers or anything, just more cheeky and regard some of the school rules as absurd. But over the course of 5 years, they did get into trouble from time to time, things like long hair, bringing handphones, etc. Not serious offences, but certainly not one of those students the school would call a role model.

Can ya spot me? Experiencing life as a troublemaker... On stage, that is!

So I think I would get into the same sort of trouble. I'm very easily influenced sometimes. I would definitely go along with them and break those minor school rules. Back then I thought twice since I had to maintain a good image.

Another shot for Moral, but I was really doing something!

Being a normal student is more relaxed at times as you don't have extra responsibilities. You really live the life of a student.

Hey! I'm... "MAHATHIR"!!!

But I don't regret it. Being a prefect in school was a good experience, what with all the duties we had together with our studies. And I did make good friends that I probably wouldn't talk to had I not joined the prefectorial board.

Ahhhh. Detention Corner, or DC. Students who break the rules might find themselves here. But it was Graduation Day, the last day of school for us Form 5s so a few of us prefects felt we just had to experience being detained there!

So what's your take? Oh- Those of you who weren't prefects, you can write about what if you were a prefect, it'll be nice to know what you guys think.

Inti I-Challenge... We lost but it was fun! Not as fun as the 2D1N prefect camp though!

P.S. Bin do you have any more pictures of our one day gangster stint? I seem to have only that one...
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