Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I'm back, but I now know just how behind I am in my assignment and studies.

I have an assignment for Mass Comm, plus I have to study for my mid term exams. All this, in just 5 days!

It's not as bad as it sounds huh? I know... but I'm supposed to analyze media content and write an essay without plagiarizing. And that means... referencing T.T And I'm pretty sure that this time, the mid term's not as easy as last semester's. And I don't wanna fail! So I should stop blogging and start doing my work.

But I think blogging is like a disease for some people. You know you shouldn't, yet you continue even when you're behind work.

Anyway, a few friends have started Form 6! So now harder to ask people out... Before this it was easier because you know some people are just rotting at home.

I just wanted to update my blog so that I can leave it inactive for the next few days while I finish my assignment and study, so bye for now!
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