Tuesday, 5 May 2009

It has just dawned on me just how behind I am at college work and assignments.

Although it's not work after work, it's still pretty tough. And the fact that I procrastinate makes it worse.

Luckily, we still have time for fun during assignments!

Presenting... A.S the sky diver! She's a really good sky-diver, can land perfectly safely. Too bad she died.

This is how she died:


Toilet bowl scene!

Now, I have a newfound respect for actors. Because memorizing lines ain't easy.

And since Jun-Elle said that I never introduce my other friends to her, I'll do the other way la.

This is Dixie from Seremban.

This is car lover, Wei Wen. Obsessed over driving. But since getting his driving license, he's quietened down. He has many many many nicknames but I shall be a good person and not air it in public.

Phil! Very good at video editing, now even I'm interested in it! In this pic he was actually imitating...

The ever fussy Jun-Elle. She can really really nag. No joke!

That's a day out at Mcds! Or rather, after classes. Wei Wen can't be seen, then there's Evonne, Sheena, Dixie, ME, Phil, Jun-Elle and Zanardy.

And that's the class pic. Not bad right! We took it at the front of college.

When I saw this pic something came to my mind. At the beginning of the first semester the 3 of us formed a pact. We shall join Photography Club! If one can't go, all don't go. If one go, all go. But in the end, it was a unanimously unspoken decision to just don't bother.
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