Sunday, 17 May 2009

Yesterday's post reminded me of just how much fun secondary school was.

I also chatted with Izwan on facebook. Guess what we decided to do?

We flooded pictures of us with comments.

Last year, there was this one time when he was so bored in tuition he sent me a SMS although he was sitting right next to me. It said: Meow pass the message. So I passed it. And it went around. Really, it did.

Later, other friends joined in. And it was a real reminder of how we used to have fun in prefects. Form 5 especially, was a very very exciting year! I should post about it someday.

He even showed me this extremely funny video!

Funny eh?

Anyway, has anyone been following the Sudirman Cup? Malaysia just lost to China 3-0 in the semi final. I feel it's been such a long time since I enjoyed watching a badminton match, or played badminton, so it was a very good change. Come to think of it, I've watched badminton only a month or two ago, but team championships have that added tense feeling.

After watching, I guess you can say that it was a good showing for Malaysia to have reached the semis, but I think that while some players genuinely fought, some just didn't give it their all, especially in the match against China that has just concluded.

And other nations are really starting to catch up to Malaysia. I wasn't born yet when Malaysia dominated the sport many decades ago but although we're still known to produce many world class shuttlers, I think other nations who weren't famous for badminton are fast catching up.

But after watching, I really miss playing badminton!

On another note, did anyone read The Star yesterday? Coz I was in it!

Seriously, I was! Here's the headline:

"Quality Service From JR"

Okay, I was just joking. But the headline really caught my attention! And yes, it was because it sounded so wrong, and was my initials. I can't remember the first thought that came to my mind after seeing it, but I definitely read to find out who's JR. Apparently it's a travel agent: JR Vacation.

I wonder whether I stand to get discounts.
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