Saturday, 30 May 2009
Movie Buff

I feel like I'm a movie buff now. Out of so many Hollywood movies in the cinemas, I've watched a number of them pretty soon after it was released.

Hollywood's now going into the summer movie season, and I've watched Terminator Salvation, Angels and Demons, Night at the Museum and Star Trek already. And I'm looking forward to Harry Potter and Transformers.

I have never considered myself a movie buff. Some plots attracted me, and I would watch it when the opportunity arises, or just get the DVD. I did not feel that I was losing out when I didn't get to go to the cinemas. But now, college is treating me so well that I've watched so many blockbuster movies.

It's not that I don't have anything else to do. It's just that now in college, I don't have the added tuition classes and homework. Assignments I do have. And I normally go with friends after class anyway.

Which reminds me. I've been in college for 5 months now. It's going to be 6 months soon. Time really flies on G force! I can still remember my first day in college. But I like to think that despite time passing by so quickly, I've changed as a person. I like to think that the way I see things in the world has changed. I like to think that I've matured.

Am I really a changed person? You tell me.

Back to the movies. Some of the movies this year are really good! As a movie, I would say that so far, Angels and Demons is the best. Reviews have stated that it's not a faithful adaptation, but since I'm not a fan of the book, I would argue that it's not a book, but a movie BASED on a book. So if the plot's changed, it doesn't really matter, does it since it's a movie and not a book? Although I don't think I would feel this way if a book I enjoy is made into a movie that is different.

And I learned that there's a first time for everything. When I watched Terminator I actually fell asleep for a good few minutes. It would've been longer had my friend not talked to me. Not that it's a bad movie. I thought that it was an okay movie, just that I have never watched any of the previous Terminator movies nor the Sarah Connor Chronicles. So failing to understand the plot can make a person sleep. And I just prefer the machines in Transformers than Terminator. Don't ask me why. I have no idea why either, but I just do.

And you know what else I like? Doing things I liked to do as a kid this week.

No, I'm not gonna elaborate. You'll start laughing. Really, you will.
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Friday, 29 May 2009
no image

Assignments are part and parcel of college I think? The start of the second semester was fine, but now the lecturers are throwing assignment after assignment at us.

Video for Malaysian Media History, video for English, presentation for Malaysian Studies. All in 2 weeks.

It's gonna be a busy few weeks!
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Sunday, 24 May 2009

I just realized that I did not post about my trip to PD last week.

So last week I went to Port Dickson, because my dad still had the time sharing thing from Legend, and we had finish it by a certain time.

So we left after Wesak.

We stayed at the Legend Water Chalets, and I must say the service was good! Upon arrival an employee helped us remove our luggage and placed it at a corner while waiting for us to check in. And the receptionists were very polite, too!

After receiving our key cards, another employer led us to the water chalets. He even offered to help me carry my luggage (upstairs unit!) but I declined. And when I reached the door, I was dumbfounded. For a few seconds. Because as they gave us a card, I assumed it was those doors where you have to insert the card somewhere and it'll unlock the door. But there was no such thing on the door! So I took the card and it said something like "place key near door to unlock".

So I placed it near the door. Nothing happened. This is actually how you open the door:



3.Cool right! And the room was unique too. It was split into 2 sections: bedroom and toilet. And the door doesn't open into the bedroom, it opens into the toilet.

That's the toilet. Bath, shower, and cubicle. Side by side.

And that, folks, is the room! It has a day bed and a king sized bed. I tried sleeping both ways: diagonally and vertically. I can actually fit both ways. Yes, I actually had the time to experiment.

The type of chalet I was in had upper and lower units. For the lower unit, you have a glass panel where you can view the "perfect blue" colour of the sea. For the upper unit, you have... A shower with a roof that can be opened! Fancy taking a shower under the moonlight, anyone?

Now, let me show you the view around the chalets.

And the security was pretty good too. There were those mirrors whose name I can't remember any more, the one that widens your field of vision so that you can see more things, and CCTVs. Not fool-proof, but at least they had the initiative.

And the lobby was very well decorated, but I have no idea why they did it when there were no reading materials. Guests without laptops would just sit there stoning. Nah I'm just joking. The sofas were normally empty.

And the lights! Such an innovative creation.

I visited a museum one day. The Lukut Museum. Apparently it was a civilization in the middle of nowhere and it thrived and that's what made it so interesting because normally civilizations thrive when they're located near seas where they can get food, water and can trade.

Look! It's so far away!

Not any more!

That's the road they used those days.

I also visited a beach. It was fairly clean, and there was a lagoon. I think that's what it's called. Whereby there's a pool of water surrounded by land.

I have no idea what that man is doing. But I think it's a metal detector?

And there were tiny crabs. Lots of them. Although people were walking, the crabs just walked like normal. They didn't even hide. But when a human gets close to it, it'll burrow very quickly into the sand.

There was a beach near the hotel, which we went one morning. It didn't look like a beach at all.

If you had taken a sample and told me it was waste water, I would've believed you because I've seen it.

So PD was okay, I guess. Nothing much to do, so I would say it's for people who wants to relax.

Oh, and beach lovers probably have better beaches to go to.
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Wednesday, 20 May 2009
Angels & Demons

Today I watched... "Antara Malaikat Dan Jin".

Yes, that's the BM name for Angels and Demons.

I have not read the book, although I've read The Da Vinci Code a few months ago, so I don't know what the 'real' story is, but I've read in several places that it wasn't a very faithful adaptation. But it only generates publicity for people like me who've not read the book. After seeing the movie, you would want to read the book.

From what I understand, Angels & Demons is about Professor Robert Langdon's quest against time to solve a puzzle from the mysterious secret organization Iluminati, who had already kidnapped four suitable candidates to be the Pope, swearing to kill them in the name of revenge, and also stolen a bomb that would destroy the entire Vatican City.

The movie started off well I would say, with Professor Robert Langdon being introduced to the current threat of the Catholic Church from a long time nemesis, the Iluminati. And after that scene I just noticed that in several movies now, industry experts are actually university lecturers. Is it really so?

I don't know how the story is like in the book, but for a movie, I would say that it is a very good movie, better than Star Trek, although the latter seems to have better ratings. But then again, I find that movies and TV shows are something that is different for every individual. Someone might like it, but another may not. The storyline was interesting for me, with all the historical facts and the constant action, not to mention the occasional humour which made me one of the loudest laughers in the cinema.

And, the final twist of the movie, was totally unexpected! Readers of the book would know, but I certainly didn't! And I wasn't expecting it at all.

So for the book lovers I can't say much, but for those of you who have not read the book, you definitely should catch this movie!
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Tuesday, 19 May 2009
Pitiable, Indeed!

Have you ever experienced just how much our education system needs a revamp? Truly, it has become pitiable to the point where graduates (or maybe not) struggle with basic things some of us take for granted.

And that's what happened to me today when I tried to book a badminton court.

When I entered I was confronted by a worker whom I've not seen before, so I immediately thought that he must be a part timer.

I told him I would like to book a court for next Tuesday, and since it is the place's policy that when you book, you have to pay in full as well, it is understandable that when you say that you want to book, it means you're paying as well.

So I told him nicely "I want to book a court for next Tuesday".

He started flipping the booking form, and then told me "We don't have the menu yet". And here I can't resist pointing out that it's called a schedule, not a menu, because if I'm not mistaken, menus are those lists of food available in restaurants.

He went on babbling about how I can't book if the 'menu' is not with him, and that I should return next week, Friday perhaps. Since when Friday came before Tuesday? That's the first time I've heard of it! Luckily, although I was short sighted I distinctly saw that next week's schedules were there, and when I pointed it out to him, he double checked and said "oooohhh yes got". I think he actually thought that next week was June.

Then he scanned the paper, and told me a few seconds later that there were no courts available. Only that I saw that there was one spot. So I said 'therreeeeeee!' And he noticed it too. But for some reason, maybe because his ego was deflated, he continued insisting that he can't confirm it for me because there's a regular who plays at that time. He even flipped to a page and showed me. Only that it was Friday, not Tuesday. I have no idea what his obsession with Fridays is.

I was exasperated. Still I maintained a calm expression. How nice of me.

He gave me a pamphlet, told me to call that number and look for a certain person later in the day, and proceeded to ignore me by answering a call on his cellphone. So I left.

This picture describes him in more ways than you know. Seriously!

Lesson of this incident? Some Malaysians are in awful need of reeducation. Okay maybe he is a dropout, but most people drop out of school because they can't keep up with the curriculum anyway. We should give these people a chance by training them before letting them be employed. Otherwise they would just frustrate people when a communication breakdown occurs.

Many senior citizens still go back to school, so I don't see why he can't. But then again, he doesn't even know the days of the week or months of the year, so maybe what he needs is going back to kindergarten, which is horribly embarrasing even though he doesn't have graying hair yet.

And I have to say, he really ticked me off. And being so rude to customers was uncalled for. I'm sure his employers would've told him that you must always prioritize your customers.

It's really bad for me, you know. I have my Mass Comm exam tomorrow and he ticked me off so much that I had to vent it out here. How often have you seen me talking about some random person who pissed me?

Second lesson of the incident: Anger management is very important!
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Sunday, 17 May 2009
Ahhh.... The Days...

Yesterday's post reminded me of just how much fun secondary school was.

I also chatted with Izwan on facebook. Guess what we decided to do?

We flooded pictures of us with comments.

Last year, there was this one time when he was so bored in tuition he sent me a SMS although he was sitting right next to me. It said: Meow pass the message. So I passed it. And it went around. Really, it did.

Later, other friends joined in. And it was a real reminder of how we used to have fun in prefects. Form 5 especially, was a very very exciting year! I should post about it someday.

He even showed me this extremely funny video!

Funny eh?

Anyway, has anyone been following the Sudirman Cup? Malaysia just lost to China 3-0 in the semi final. I feel it's been such a long time since I enjoyed watching a badminton match, or played badminton, so it was a very good change. Come to think of it, I've watched badminton only a month or two ago, but team championships have that added tense feeling.

After watching, I guess you can say that it was a good showing for Malaysia to have reached the semis, but I think that while some players genuinely fought, some just didn't give it their all, especially in the match against China that has just concluded.

And other nations are really starting to catch up to Malaysia. I wasn't born yet when Malaysia dominated the sport many decades ago but although we're still known to produce many world class shuttlers, I think other nations who weren't famous for badminton are fast catching up.

But after watching, I really miss playing badminton!

On another note, did anyone read The Star yesterday? Coz I was in it!

Seriously, I was! Here's the headline:

"Quality Service From JR"

Okay, I was just joking. But the headline really caught my attention! And yes, it was because it sounded so wrong, and was my initials. I can't remember the first thought that came to my mind after seeing it, but I definitely read to find out who's JR. Apparently it's a travel agent: JR Vacation.

I wonder whether I stand to get discounts.
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Friday, 15 May 2009
If and only If...

So, there was this time when Ann Nee and Ee Lyn said we should write about a certain issue in our blog, just to look at differing opinions. I was supposed to start but had no ideas, so nothing started. Until now. A few days ago, actually.

Anyway, Ee Lyn was thinking one day: What if we weren't prefects in school? How would school life be?

Me 'dutying' for moral's kerja amal

Friends from SJ would know that I was a prefect since form 1. So, how would school life be for me if I wasn't a prefect?

Graduation Day- Form 5 prefects + Pn Mah (teacher in charge of prefects) + Pn Lee (counselor)

I originally didn't plan to join the prefectorial board. But when I did, I remember that I used to have sleepless nights (ssshhh!) wondering whether I got it.

I really can't imagine myself as a normal student. Life as a prefect is the one I've known and lived by. BUT, if I were to stretch my imagination to the very limit, I guess this would be it.

Me at the KP's table, on Graduation Day

I won't know a lot of the people I know now. And I would be one of those cinas who speak chinese all the time. Uh-huh. One of them. That's because when I entered the school, I was placed in the chinese class since I was from a chinese primary school. Not everyone, but most of us were. So my friends were a group of guys and girls maybe, and that was life for my first 2 years in secondary school. I think out of the whole group, only Ee Lyn and I were prefects. So if I wasn't one, I don't think I would've been a very good student.

This was in Form 4. That's Ms. Caroline, a trainee teacher from Sabah or Sarawak

My friends weren't troublemakers or anything, just more cheeky and regard some of the school rules as absurd. But over the course of 5 years, they did get into trouble from time to time, things like long hair, bringing handphones, etc. Not serious offences, but certainly not one of those students the school would call a role model.

Can ya spot me? Experiencing life as a troublemaker... On stage, that is!

So I think I would get into the same sort of trouble. I'm very easily influenced sometimes. I would definitely go along with them and break those minor school rules. Back then I thought twice since I had to maintain a good image.

Another shot for Moral, but I was really doing something!

Being a normal student is more relaxed at times as you don't have extra responsibilities. You really live the life of a student.

Hey! I'm... "MAHATHIR"!!!

But I don't regret it. Being a prefect in school was a good experience, what with all the duties we had together with our studies. And I did make good friends that I probably wouldn't talk to had I not joined the prefectorial board.

Ahhhh. Detention Corner, or DC. Students who break the rules might find themselves here. But it was Graduation Day, the last day of school for us Form 5s so a few of us prefects felt we just had to experience being detained there!

So what's your take? Oh- Those of you who weren't prefects, you can write about what if you were a prefect, it'll be nice to know what you guys think.

Inti I-Challenge... We lost but it was fun! Not as fun as the 2D1N prefect camp though!

P.S. Bin do you have any more pictures of our one day gangster stint? I seem to have only that one...
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Tuesday, 12 May 2009
no image

I'm back, but I now know just how behind I am in my assignment and studies.

I have an assignment for Mass Comm, plus I have to study for my mid term exams. All this, in just 5 days!

It's not as bad as it sounds huh? I know... but I'm supposed to analyze media content and write an essay without plagiarizing. And that means... referencing T.T And I'm pretty sure that this time, the mid term's not as easy as last semester's. And I don't wanna fail! So I should stop blogging and start doing my work.

But I think blogging is like a disease for some people. You know you shouldn't, yet you continue even when you're behind work.

Anyway, a few friends have started Form 6! So now harder to ask people out... Before this it was easier because you know some people are just rotting at home.

I just wanted to update my blog so that I can leave it inactive for the next few days while I finish my assignment and study, so bye for now!
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Saturday, 9 May 2009
Star Trek

Yesterday, I watched Star Trek with a couple of friends.

I have no idea what it's about as it was during our parents' time that it was popular, but I felt that such a prominent movie shouldn't be missed.

The storyline wasn't complicated, it was understandable, but I think the movie was too long. I think it was because the plot was really normal. Saving the world and all that. And understandably, back then this sort of movie would've made waves, as it's about the outer space too. Now humans are more advanced; we already know about outer space and all that.

For younger audience like me, I don't think they would enjoy the movie much. I think it's more for the older generation to relive their fond memories of the movie, just like how in 20 years we might see a remake of a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings movie!

But as with all movies, there will be characters you like or admire. For me, it's Commander Spock. He really grew and learned a lot during the duration of the movie. He was very proud of himself and did not like it when he's outsmarted. But in the end, he really became a nicer person.

So if you have not watched a Star Trek movie before, I would say you should watch it if you just want to know why your parents liked it. Or just to know what Star Trek's all about. It's a good experience, but I don't see anyone eager to buy the DVD or watch it a second time.
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