Wednesday, 29 April 2009

This movie is basically about how Wolverine lost his memory and became the mutant he is in the 3 X-Men movies.

The movie started off by showing how Logan and his brother Victor fought in wars. They were close to each other as any pair of brothers can get, and as both of them can't die, they're an invaluable asset to the army.

However, they were recruited into an elite group of mutants who do whatever this man, William Stryker asked them to. And that really put a lot of strain on their relationship, and finally led to them parting ways.

There definitely were a few surprises in store which I didn't expect, but the main thing that amused me was the villain, William Stryker or something like that. If you remember X2, he looked like this:

And now, he looks like:

He looked so familiar before I realized that he's actually the lead vampire in 30 Days of Night.

Those years must've been harsh on him!

The last fighting scene was definitely awesome, but you'll have to watch it to see how awesome it is.

As I never read the comics and have no idea why Wolverine lost his memory and have claws, I think this movie was rather 'educational' and really explained a lot. Now I want to rewatch the 3 X-Men movies!

At the end of the movie, Professor X can be seen escorting the gifted youngsters to his school, which I think is meant to invoke the memories of X3, where he died. And perhaps hopes of X4? The leakage of this movie into the Internet definitely meant that the movie will not earn as much money as they could have had it not leaked. So maybe there won't be an X4 after all.

Although, if this X-Men Origins turns out to be a series, I must say I look forward to seeing Jean Grey's and Storm's pasts!
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