Sunday, 26 April 2009

Generally when I tell people how I fared in SPM there's 2 reactions:

1) "Wow! Good job! Congratulations! You must be very happy!"

2) "Aiyah! Short of one only!"

Today was Hari Kecemerlangan. I saw former school mates, teachers, friends.

And I'm thankful most people go for the first reaction. I was exceptionally pleased that my Moral teacher said that! Well because she seemed really strict in school and I hadn't expected her to remember me, but that's for another time.

Anyway, after Hari Kecemerlangan we went to Pyramid for a movie, Paul Blart something. And since I'm supposed to be critical, here goes.

I think one of the main messages sent out to the audience is that being overweight doesn't mean you're useless.

However, I really didn't find the movie comedic at all. It's supposed to be FUNNY, and I can only recall laughing ONCE in the entire movie. Few times I even felt like sleeping. Or maybe it's just the expectation.

Anyway, these days people really need to achieve a lot to be praised, don't they? I mean, few years back if you missed out on an A you wouldn't be hearing anyone saying that just one more thing. It could be the half empty half full theory, that different people see different situations in different ways.
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