Wednesday, 22 April 2009

To distract myself I browsed through the pictures I have and I saw this.

That's the the temple camp that I helped facilitate in a year or two ago.

Although I liked the experience, I remember it was horrible. My team comprised of young kids. Only one in lower secondary. I remember I had a hard time. We facilitators were expected to play a very active role in the camp, and hence we have to watch our teams closely.

I remember running around as well, chasing after the rascals. They never seemed to understand how to stay still. If they're not running around during tasks, they're not helping by doing other things. Just look at the pic. I was busy controlling the little boy in yellow who can't stop running, the 3 girls at the side just seemed content with doing whatever they wanted, the guy in blue was arguing with the team leader in red and the final rugrat, I have no idea what was he doing. And if I remember correctly some other members were not in the pic because they decided other groups seemed to have greener grasses or they just wandered around.

Were we facilitators cruel? I don't think so. I think we were quite nice to them. You see, there were 2 groups of facilitators, one group from the organizer who had nothing to do with the temple, and us, facilitators who are from the temple. We temple facis were nicer than them. And at the end of the camp, the ungrateful rascals accused us of power abuse T.T

AND rated us poorly =(
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