Friday, 27 March 2009

Last Sunday, I attended the KL Vintage & Classic Car Concourse 2009.

It is an event where people who owns a vintage car can proudly display it.

There were certainly many cars on display, and there were many people there too amid the hot weather. Luckily the organisers were smart enough to install those fans that shoots water droplets.

I was surprised that Lake Titiwangsa is actually the place where the Eye On Malaysia used to be. When I went there the place looked so familliar to me, and it took me awhile before I realised that I've been there before.

So anyway, back to the cars.

I must say this car is actually HUGE, for a classic car. Just look how high it is compared to that man! Also, vintage cars have a very traditional honk.

There were also famous cars like Ferrari and Bentley. Not the modern, aerodynamic and glamorous ones, but the ones from decades ago.

That's not all. There were Rolls Royce and Jaguars, too, but I only took photos of the 'thing' at the front of the cars.

There. You can see the word Rolls.

And that, of course, is a Jaguar.

But not all cars are well known. At least, I've never heard of them. Like one I presume to be the cousin of Jaguar, the Panther.

Yeap, that's a Panther. And the World's Sexiest Car? I have no idea when the article was published, but the title of the World's Sexiest Car goes to...

The mini Fiat 500. Don't believe me? There's a newspaper cutting.

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