Thursday, 12 March 2009

So, today was the day most 1991 babies got their SPM results.

Truthfully, till Wednesday I still wasn't thinking about it until a friend mentioned it. Then I started worrying a little and setting a target.

Towards today I got more and more nervous, and my target dropped a little.

The worst thing was, the waiting.

We waited and waited. When teachers started sitting in their places, ready to give their former class's results, I could not see my former class teacher. She was nowhere to be found. When several people in the class next to us started screaming I started feeling slightly nauseous.

When it was my turn to take my exam slip, Ee Lyn said what she saw. I ignored it, and signed the paper and collected my slip, then scanned through it. She was right.

Better than I expected. But I didn't really feel like celebrating. I just felt relieved.

The only thing going through my mind was "I DO have what it takes to study science after all".
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