Sunday, 22 March 2009

A few weeks ago, I went to Gopeng, Perak with my family and Yong Bin.

It was called Adeline's Rest House, a place for people with hectic lives to relax and unwind. We went there in a rather big group of around 35 people.

First we made a stop at a waterfall. It had a very nice view, I must say.

However our way was blocked by a huge tree trunk, so Yong Bin tried shifting it. Unfortunately he's not Superman. We had to settle for walking next to the trunk.

Further up there's a bridge where we can fully enjoy the perfect view of the waterfall.

Finally, we arrived! Upon arrival we were served a very sumptuous lunch. We were also allotted our rooms. At the beginning the 5 of us would be in a room and near the main house, or whatever it is called. But I'll call it the main house, where everyone gathers, where food is served and where majority of the people live in. However, later we found a nice little hut located not far from the main house. It is peaceful and quiet, away from the noise from the main house.

The name of the place? Rumah Nangka. Here there were 4 rooms, and each room fits 2 person. So Bin and I had a room to ourselves.

That's how our room looked like. Simple and cosy.

And that, fellas, is the toilet! Yes I'm not joking. It's a TOILET. Clean, and without hot water. Obviously.

Even the windows are really traditional. We had to use a stick to keep it open. The view, is okay I guess.

So when you're in a place like that, what can you do? The answer is- NOTHING. We did visit another waterfall which is a 30 minute walk away. The return trip was done under the rain.

When night fell, we had a game of sirami. Don't know how to explain it, but it was fun. Not at our hut of course, we played at the main house before heading back to the hut late at night.

Okay I swear I did not tamper the pic. Bin took it and somehow the ground looked dark. Don't know how he held the camera, but it did give me some chills for a few minutes. We ARE in a jungle, after all.

I DID NOT GET A GOOD SLEEP THAT NIGHT. But I still woke up and ate breakfast. Then it was picture time. We took pictures then headed back to the room. Bin fell asleep but I just couldn't, so I lazed around before finally answering nature's call and taking a quick bath.

After that, when Bin woke up we just spent the whole morning talking. Yes, having meaningful conversation.

The trip came to an end. I came back and felt itchy a few days after. Apparently the place was full of sand flies.

But it was a worthwhile trip. I especially enjoy the food, and the cosy room for reasons I can't explain.
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