Monday, 16 February 2009

The world is heating up!

More and more people are getting sick. Any hotter and we'll melt.

We found this room... and couldn't prevent ourselves from camwhoring.

So as usual, preventive measures must be taken.

1. Drink more water!

In McDonald's, after college.

H20 is very, very precious. We homo sapiens need a lot of water for our survival. Plus, it's common knowledge that our body's mainly water.

2. Get closer to nature

A scene from my assignment =)

Plants create oxygen during the day. So it makes sense to plant more greenery around, and also stay close to them!!!


3. Lose a clothing item

Another scene from my assignment

It's so hot, I think it's fine if we lose one or two articles of clothing, eh? Just make sure you don't add more heat to the Earth.

When all else fails, beg Mother Nature for forgiveness.

When a fire broke out in the building. Needless to say we couldn't resist camwhoring.

After all, we wouldn't want to end up sprawled on the ground, with a wooden item on top of us.

No, I shan't post a pic that comes with the above statement. But Yong Bin would get what I'm trying to remind him of =)
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